Recieving a speeding ticket in El Paso, Texas is more than just inconvenient, it can be damaging to your driving record and cost you alot of money . When you receive a ticket, it’s tempting to simply pay the fine and move on. Sometimes just chalking it to a hard lesson learned. However, the hidden costs of a speeding ticket may make you think twice about paying that fine. First, you’ll have to consider the fact that your insurance premiums will increase – sometimes skyrocket – after just one moving violation. Beyond that, you’ll accrue points against your license, and if you have too many points you’ll have to pay an annual fee to the state. Also, if you opt for defensive driving courses, you’ll have to pay for it out of your own pocket. Furthermore, take time out of your schedule to complete the course.

Can you fight a Speeding Ticket in El Paso?

Absolutely, and you probably should! Fighting your traffic ticket means you get to present your side of the events. In addition provide present evidence to the judge It’s critical to consult with an experienced and highly qualified traffic lawyer in Texas when compiling your defense. Only a qualified legal expert will be able to help you navigate the system and obtain the best possible outcome.

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