El Paso Warrants Lifted

El Paso Warrants lifted speeding ticket
El Paso Municipal Court is renowned for their ability to issue active arrest warrants almost immediately after an appearance date or payment has been missed. As soon as the grace period passes, you can bet that an El Paso arrest warrant is soon to follow. Once a warrant has been lifted there are a few ground rules you need to know in order to avoid making a bad situation worse. Its always good to consult with a traffic ticket lawyer El Paso to know what your options are.

Don’t just pay for that ticket to lift a warrant.
“Just paying” for the El Paso traffic ticket will most definitely lift the warrant. However, what you may not realize is that the by paying the citation, you now have a conviction on your driving record. Get the wrong conviction and you get a license suspension notice from The Department of Public Safety. Get the wrong conviction and you could also end up paying surcharges to the Department of Public Safety to avoid having your license suspended. These surcharges can be as high as $260.00 a year for 3 years. That is a hefty price tag for “just paying” a Traffic Ticket off that went into warrant.

Sitting out your warrant for El Paso Traffic Tickets
While you may get credit for sitting out a warrant (typically 300 dollars a day) when you get out you will still get reported to DPS and can owe up 760 dollars in surcharges not to mention a license suspension. Don’t go down that path. Hire me to assist you and give you great legal representation. Give me a call today 915-503-1600 to get your El Paso Warrants Lifted.