Defensive Driving In El Paso, Texas

Defensive Driving Lawyer for Traffic Tickets

Defensive driving classes are one way for you to avoid having a traffic conviction on your license. In many cases, taking a defensive driving for Texas course can reduce or eliminate the consequences of a traffic violation. For example, points on your driver’s license as well as increased insurance rates.

Working with top-rated traffic ticket lawyers in El Paso, TX can protect throughout the process. Defensive driving classes are not your only option if your case is the right candidate for other strategies.

However, for many drivers, a driving safety course can limit court fees, reduce insurance premiums, and help preserve your driving record. The only way you can know that you are taking the most advantageous approach is by hiring a traffic ticket lawyer for defensive driving in El Paso, TX.

DO NOT Let Your Ticket Stand without Putting Up a FIGHT

As a defensive driving traffic ticket lawyer in Texas, Robert Navar understands that you need to achieve the best possible outcome for your citation. You have a lot riding on the line, and my office wants to help you get there.

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I Will Help You Beat Your Traffic Citation Through Defensive Driving School or Traffic Ticket Dismissal

No matter what type of citation you received, my office wants to help resolve your legal issues surrounding it. Your traffic ticket is defensible, which means that you should not automatically pay it before at least exercising your other options. Once the ticket is there, it stays on your record for three years!

A defensive driving safety course is one way for you to obtain a traffic ticket dismissal. In fact, doing so satisfies court requirements, and in turn keeps points off of your license, consequently may even earn you a discount on your insurance.

While spending six hours in traffic school may sound undesirable, the alternative outcome may be worse. When you hire me to fight your ticket, I will work toward getting the case dismissed without having to negotiate defensive driving courses first.

However, if that option is not available, a defensive driving safety course in El Paso, TX is an excellent opportunity to clear the ticket. It can also help to relearn some driving techniques that will help you become a better driver.

Find Out If Your Ticket Is Eligible for DISMISSAL Through a Defensive Driving Safety Course

A driving safety course promotes defensive driving practices. The entire course runs for six hours. You can take it to dismiss your traffic ticket if your case meets specific criteria.

If you pass the course, the court will dismiss the case altogether. Texas laws prohibit insurance companies from increasing your rates as well. However, defensive driving courses are offered only to specific types of cases.

In general, the following guidelines apply when determining your eligibility for ticket dismissal, including:

  • No defensive driving course completions within the last 12 months
  • For speeding tickets, you must not have exceeded 85 mph or 25 mph over the posted limit
  • Must have proof of your insurance coverage
  • Complete an approved course within 90 days
  • Provide evidence of the approved course
  • Offer a certified copy of your driving record
  • Commercial license holders are not eligible
  • Cannot have passed a loading or unloading school bus 
  • Did not flee the scene of a motor vehicle accident
  • Was not cited in a construction zone while workers were present
  • And additional rules as applicable

I understand that your driving record is on the line, as well as the consequences that it can inflict upon your future, reputation, and financial well-being. It is for this reason that I fight for the best possible outcome for my clients EVERY TIME I handle their citations. Unrelenting Client Advocacy has been my aim since becoming a defense attorney. 

It is also my goal to make the process as streamlined and stress-free as possible. When you hire El Paso traffic ticket lawyer, Robert Navar, to handle your case, you will have reassurance in knowing that an unrelenting advocate will stand loyally by your side throughout the entire process.

You DON’T Have to Admit Guilt to a CITATION You DID or DID NOT Commit

For you to take a defensive driving course, you must enter one of two pleas. Your options are to plead “guilty” or “no contest.”
Pleading guilty implies that you willing admit fault. No contest is a guilty conviction without self-incrimination. I will advise you of the best plea to enter when you hire my office, even though clients typically plea no contest.

The Most Significant Issue Associated with Driver Safety Courses

If you complete the driving safety course, your current conviction can be reported to the Texas Department of Safety (DPS), who is responsible for maintaining driving records. Therefore, it is possible that it could show up on your driving record if you have problems completing it.

Fighting Against Citations You Should Have NEVER Received

If I believe that my office can get your ticket dismissed, I will inform you of this option. Instead of having to shell out money to attend and spend six hours in class, you can FIGHT BACK against wrongfully cited violations. Your Time and Money Are Important.  The time and money commitment of defensive driving schools do not always meet the needs of my clients. In addition this is especially true for those who have busy schedules, families, and other scheduling demands.  Paying the fee for an approved defensive driving safety course is not always a desirable outcome for my clients either. Upon course completion, you will recieve a certificate of completion so that you can get your case dismissed. Furthermore, obtaining this certificate requires you to pay another fee (usually just court fees).

Sometimes Defensive Driving School Is the Only Option

Some cases are not eligible for dismissal through a defensive driving course. If this applies to you, I will help you work through your case, including the possibility to defend your original citation or enact other adjudication procedures. When you are facing an El Paso traffic ticket, it is essential to understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. My office will stand by your side loyally throughout the entire process. If you do attend driver safety school, it is critical to send your certificate back to the court as soon as possible. Doing so will get your case dismissed faster so that you can get back on the roadway to freedom.

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in El Paso, TX Will Protect YOUR Rights

There is not anything more frustrating in the criminal justice system than finding out that you had other options and did not receive them because you did not know that they existed. It seems unfair. However, our massive legal system makes it challenging for regular people to know where to look.

It is for this reason that hire a traffic ticket lawyer in El Paso, TX is helpful. Someone you know may have told you that the only way you can resolve a ticket is through traffic school or by simply paying it.

While most people mean well, there is insight and knowledge that I bring to the table as a lawyer. You should not have to spend your time making decisions that do not serve you with limited information.

Benefits of Working with El Paso Traffic Ticket Firm Attorney, Robert Navar

Although traffic violations, such as speeding tickets, are common, most people do not realize that there are other legal remedies are available. Traffic ticket lawyers in El Paso can fight your case on merits or procedures when you hire my legal team.

Traffic tickets can come with steep penalties, including hefty fines, rising insurance rates, and even license suspensions. As tough El Paso traffic lawyers, my legal team and I will represent YOUR INTERESTS in several ways.

Once you hire me to represent your case, I will handle the court and fight on your behalf. In addition to fighting in court, I will also build viable defenses backed by evidence as I uncover it.

As your prospective traffic ticket lawyer, El Paso is an area my firm proudly serves and has a command of the local court rules that I will put to work for YOU! My ultimate goal is to keep your violation and potential conviction off of your record as well as avoid expensive fines.

 If there is an opportunity to do so, I will act favorably and loyally throughout the entire time my office represents your case. Have unshakable reassurance in knowing that working with an attorney who is driven by winning with proven case results.

Fighting for CDL Holders

While commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders are not eligible for the driver safety course, you can still fight for your ticket’s dismissal. CDL licenses are also not eligible for deferred adjudication.

An experienced El Paso traffic ticket attorney can help you keep your traffic violation off your professional and personal driving record. My office has a strong track record for success in handling CDL matters.

If I cannot get a case dismissed or otherwise keep it off a clients record, I will devise other appropriate strategies that minimize a citation’s consequences. Call my office if you are a commercial driver facing a violation conviction.

Defending Out-of-State Drivers

If you were traveling to Texas as a tourist or visitor and received a traffic violation, you cannot obtain adjudication. However, I can still serve your interests in the El Paso municipal court or the court handling your case

After your free case strategy session, my team will appear on your behalf to defend your case or handle any administrative procedures. You will have reassurance in knowing that a tenacious and unrelenting traffic ticket lawyer is on your side.

Representing Your Traffic Violation

While a traffic citation may seem like no big deal to some people, for others, it is an incredibly stressful event. Tickets are burdensome and expensive. Defensive driving safety school can help, but it is not an option available to everyone, nor is it always the best solution even for those who are eligible. Determining whether you should hire a traffic ticket lawyer depends upon your individual needs. My office can advise you of your rights, opportunities, and risks with either option. The most common goal is to keep the ticket off of your record, and I want to help you get there.

My Price Match Guarantee
You have numerous options when finding an El Paso traffic ticket lawyer. However, like traffic citations, no two law firms are the same.  If you find an attorney who charges less than my office, I will beat it by 10 percent. This guarantee is my no-fuss PROMISE to you.

NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION Case Strategy Session

Regardless of your goals, a defensive driving course does not have to be the only choice. Like anything in our lives, there are exceptions to every rule. Some cases may require defensive driving to get a traffic ticket dismissed.

Let’s start discussing your options so that you can make the best possible decision for yourself and your future. Call me now for your FREE CASE STRATEGY SESSION at 915-503-1600.

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